judykat hits Lake Couer D’Alene

823337740 670342630b m judykat hits Lake Couer D’AleneOur good friends from New York (and Seattle) Ken, Kathie and Mia visited us at Lake Couer D’Alene on their way to Montana.

It was great to see all them. We had a great dinner with all of them (including Ken’s mom and my mom and dad).

Phyllis and Kathie got some time on the wet bike while the kids, Ken and his mom got some serious dock time. We even enjoyed a few refreshing ice cold Moose Drool’s.
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Ken updated me on all the happenings at work as the following Sunday I had to fly back to New York City. It sounds like there are many changes in the wind at Oxygen. It should be interesting to see what happens there.
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After a great evening, Ken and his family drove back into the city of Spokane for a nice stay at the Davenport Hotel. Maybe next year we can visit them in the great northwest for a longer period of time.