It’s Hot on the Lake

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Wow temperatures hit 100 degrees at least three days in a row here on Lake Couer D’Alene. As they say “beautiful dry hot” but at 100 degrees it’s just plain hot.

We are loving the lake. The lake water has warmed up to at least 70 degrees I would bet. The water is fantastic. If you are out of it for even 30 minutes on the dock its time to jump right back in.823306098 e040893c4d m It’s Hot on the Lake

Zachary has been catching a ton of fish this week and not just suckers and bottom feeders. Some of them our Rainbow Trout and Fresh Water Bass.

I love these long days on the lake with nothing that has to be planned, executed or completed (can if you want but its totally optional:). This is my kind of vacation!823287140 57e9a3e641 m It’s Hot on the Lake

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