On Golden Pond

We took our annual family trip to my parents cabin on Lake Couer D’Alene. We had a great time because my mom and dad as well as my sister Tami and her three daughters (Nyssa, Sydnee and Jynsyn) were able to join us for the first week. My daughter Olivia also brought along her best friend from New Jersey, Meredith.

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Our first week this year occurred during the 4th of July holiday which happened on a Wednesday. The bay that we are on — Windy Bay always features a small fireworks show on July 3rd over the lake. We went and watched that this year and it was short but we had a great close up viewing area.

My son Zachary caught a ton of fish this year. Actually really all the kids were catching many fish. It took my sister Tami, me and Phyllis to keep all their hooks baited up with fresh worms (none of them will bait their own hooks). I was impressed with how the fish population has obviously grown on the lake. When I was a kid you could sit out there on the dock all day and not even get a bite. My dad can attest to this because he sat there with me too for hours.

The kids also had great fun being pulled on tubes behind both the Seadoo and the boat. Meredith even though she was a little scared even made her first ride and I think enjoyed it.

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