M&A and Financial Shenanigans

There are all kinds of rumors swirling around possible financial transactions about my current company, Oxygen Media. This post on Dilbert.com reminded me about the kinds of games that can go on around such events.

340x 291x300 M&A and Financial Shenanigans

While most of the company is swirling around gossiping about this potential transaction, I am very pleased to see that my team(s) are just “hunker’d down” and doing their jobs respectively to a very high level. It is such a breath of fresh air. As a matter of fact, we have released our best product to date on Ript.comâ„¢ and several other great ones under development — stay tuned.

My hunch is that this is because all of them live in their own skin (I know I do). By that I mean, they are all very confident (and rightfully so) and understand that their individual skills and talents are so valuable no matter what the future holds at Oxygen or any other company for that matter.

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