What I Want in My Next Gig

Given all the news this week its a good time for reflection about what I want in my next gig (aka job, work, assignment, etc.). Granted things are a bit up in the air right now so that could be with Oxygen Media, NBC Universal, or anywhere really.

oxygen logo What I Want in My Next Gignbcu promo1 v2 What I Want in My Next Gig

First and foremost I want to be a part in a great team of people just like I am now. The most important quality here is that I want to work with professionals that are dedicated to getting A’s in their craft.

Second, I want to work on and build products that are consumer facing. While there are great jobs and careers to be had farther back in the supply chain, I have been awakened for the second time in my career about the excitement with consumer products.

Finally, I want a real “seat at the table” with the business to help reach a successful outcome with these products. The marketplace is tough. I recognize there aren’t easy answers to getting significant returns with the consumer. Nevertheless I want the challenge to help create this value and return.

All industries have their proven business models but these models are changing quickly due to technology advances. I don’t want to work for a place that doesn’t recognize this changing dynamic and has a bunch of sloganeering and jingoism about the “established business model”. The business model is where some of the most interesting innovation will need to come in order to be successful in the marketplace of the future.

Should I Pace My Lifestyle to Games of Chance?

I really like games of chance. I enjoy playing card games like Texas Hold’em with my wife Phyllis and my good friends Ilio and Keith. On occassion, I even enjoy going to a big time casino like in Atlantic City or Las Vegas and shooting some Craps or playing a little Black Jack. I play the lottery at home and with my good friend and colleague David M.

gamesochance 300x209 Should I Pace My Lifestyle to Games of Chance?

In all these games, I would of course love to win but I don’t expect to win. I don’t plan my budget around winning. I don’t pace my lifestyle like I am going to win. Why not?

It’s because of course none of these games of chance are predictable at all. I also am not an expert at any of these games either making it even less likely that I would plan or pace my life around doing such games. That would be absolutely insane.

How do I pace and plan my life? I do it just about like everybody else. I have a plan that I think is reasonable. I follow the plan based on my skills and needs and what I think is truly attainable. Of course there are set backs and I adjust as needed in an agile way.