Should I Pace My Lifestyle to Games of Chance?

I really like games of chance. I enjoy playing card games like Texas Hold’em with my wife Phyllis and my good friends Ilio and Keith. On occassion, I even enjoy going to a big time casino like in Atlantic City or Las Vegas and shooting some Craps or playing a little Black Jack. I play the lottery at home and with my good friend and colleague David M.

gamesochance 300x209 Should I Pace My Lifestyle to Games of Chance?

In all these games, I would of course love to win but I don’t expect to win. I don’t plan my budget around winning. I don’t pace my lifestyle like I am going to win. Why not?

It’s because of course none of these games of chance are predictable at all. I also am not an expert at any of these games either making it even less likely that I would plan or pace my life around doing such games. That would be absolutely insane.

How do I pace and plan my life? I do it just about like everybody else. I have a plan that I think is reasonable. I follow the plan based on my skills and needs and what I think is truly attainable. Of course there are set backs and I adjust as needed in an agile way.