Kidd’s Contract Dispute

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njn Kidd’s Contract Dispute

Jason Kidd is my favorite player in the NBA and I was disappointed to read today that the Nets refuse to deal with him fairly. It is so sad to see a dispute like this force a great player to these lengths (sitting out with a fake Migraine headache reportedly).

Why can’t Rod Thorn (the owner of the NETS) just sit down and deal with Jason fairly? He’s a great player and all he wants to do is win. Just sit down at the bargaining table and negotiate with him to retain and hire a great supporting cast or trade him and forget about it and rebuild!

Why would Rod Thorn and the NETS organization seem to think that they can hold somebody like a slave. What makes employers like this think that this is a playable hand? One word — “lawyers”. Its bad advice but I think lawyers drive much of this kind of thinking.

My advice to Rod is to play the players hand and the fans hand (a so-called WIN WIN). Nobody is going to stay on the team without Jason. Nobody is going to watch a team without Jason. Period!

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