Have to love nintendo wii

It’s amazing that Nintendo Wii has done what they have with clearly a lesser technical platform (compared to XBOX and Playstation 3). They continue to innovate with superior interaction with the release of Mario Kart for Wii.

The kids and I bought this new game on Saturday and spent a good deal of the weekend playing it with them. We had a blast!

wii fit Have to love nintendo wii

It uses a steering wheel that embeds the Wii remote control into it. You hold the steering wheel in mid-air turning it to play the game. It is a very immersing experience to drive the carts or motorcycles in the game. Although the graphics are clearly not as good (since they are standard definition compared to the high definition capabilities of the XBOX or PS3) I still really enjoyed the feeling of competing and playing in that way with “real” people.

My wife, Phyllis, and I are both looking very foward to the Wii Fit title that comes out on May 21.

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