My Sundays and Meet the Press

 I used to watch NBC’s Meet the Press religiously on Sunday morning largely because of Tim Russert. It has now been over a week since his death and I watched Brian Williams do the show this morning.  It really won’t quite be the same with Tim gone.  While Williams is a great journalist and a superb anchor, he just doesn’t quite bring the same flare to the program that Tim did.

meet the press 440x230 300x156 My Sundays and Meet the Press

I think one of the things that Tim and I shared was our love of sports and politics.  Part of the reason I love both (sports and politics) so much is that consequences and outcomes are “real”.  Everybody has something at stake. Everybody has “skin in the game”. It’s real.

I think it is this quality that Tim so frequently brought out in his guests and his co-hosts over the years.  I will truly miss him and his broadcasts.

End of another school year

Friday marked another school year in the books for my kids.  Olivia finished up 7th grade at Liberty Middle School and will attend next year as an 8th grader.  Zachary finished up as a 6th grader and will attend Liberty Middle school with his sister next year as a 7th grader.

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We celebrated the passing of another year with a ritual we have done for several years now — a bonfire party for all the kids to burn their homework.  It has become quite a tradition with a large bonfire a barbeque, fireworks and of course boxes and boxes of old homework.