BRENDAN TREMBATH: But consumer credit groups object to payday

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online payday loans Trent says yes, but not just solar, we should do coal and nukes too and become an energy exporter bolster our property tax base (Trent seems to not realize that we already export energy to CA and our electrical generation property tax is held way low and controlled by the state lege as a sop to the industry: we get the pollution and investors get the profits taxpayers get a pittance). Vic say you bet, but it’s not economically viable just yet (tell that to the investors lining up to plunk down billions on new solar thermal generation plants, Vic). Marilyn say no, we should rely on the private sector and nukes are the way to go now (apparently not realizing that the private sector has NEVER built a nuke plant without major government subsidies).. online payday loans

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payday loans online It is not a long term borrowing. However, we obviously are reviewing our costing structures in line with some of the regulations coming out at the moment.BRENDAN TREMBATH: But consumer credit groups object to payday loans. There’s the high interest and the fees.Karen Cox is the co ordinator at the New South Wales based Consumer Credit Legal Centre.KAREN COX: These loan providers actually have a large penetration into the lower socio economic groups payday loans online.