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canada goose jackets SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileSales agents and tax executives inside KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms operating in Canada, debated the possibility that its Isle of Man tax dodge could violate the Canadian Income Tax Act, a series of emails and reports from within the firm reveal.KPMG, known as one of the Big Four accounting firms, ran the controversial tax avoidance scheme for high net worth clients for more than a decade before it was eventually detected by auditors for the Canada Revenue Agency in 2012.Despite the concerns raised by unnamed tax accountants at KPMG, the offshore tax scheme was eventually given the green light and was marketed across the country to wealthy Canadians as a way to pay “no tax” on investment income and maintain “confidentiality.””As is the case with all our tax plans, it fully complied with all applicable tax laws,” Greg Wiebe, a senior tax partner and former global head of tax for KPMG, told the finance committee in May. Details of the offer, which the CRA demanded be kept secret, were leaked to CBC News in a brown envelope.Perhaps one of the most significant documents to emerge from the stack of confidential KPMG materials is a simple, half page template titled “Declaration of Gift.” In the declaration, clients with more than $5 million vow to give away their money “absolutely and irrevocably” to a company on the Isle of Man. (KPMG/House of Commons finance committee/CBC)But did they really give away their money or did they just pretend to do so on paper?The CRA alleges there never was a real gift and that the plan all along was to bring the millions of dollars hidden offshore back into Canada, without paying any taxes on it.It appears that some KPMG executives were concerned about that possibility, too.One executive who raised a red flag, whose name has been removed from the submitted documents, appears to be member of KPMG’s anti tax avoidance group, which was reviewing the Isle of Man tax scheme canada goose jackets.