“Finally: I have met Mr Belhaj and Mrs Bouchard

CWIEK: The convention is also timely in an unexpected way. It dovetails with public revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades of predatory sexual behavior, and the MeToo too phenomenon, where millions of women have shared stories of sexual assault and harassment on social media. Women’s March co leader Carmen Perez says they’re taking bold action to build a diverse resistance movement, and that makes some people, including many women, uncomfortable..

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7a replica bags wholesale The British Government has admitted it played a role in the kidnap Handbags Replica and torture of a man in Libya”We should have done more to reduce the risk that you would be mistreated. We accept that this was a failing on our part.”Get politics updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe British Government has accepted it played a role in the rendition and torture of a Libyan man who was kidnapped and held by Colonal Gadaffi’s forces.Abdel Hakim Belhaj, 52, and his wife Fatima Boudchar claimed they were returned to the brutal regime in 2004 through a joint M16 CIA operation following Tony Blair’s infamous “deal in the desert” replica handbags china with the Libyan dictator.Attorney General Jeremy Wright admitted Britain’s role in the rendition today, announcing https://www.replicasbagss.com would be paid in compensation to Mrs Boudchar.But Mr Belhaj always made clear that he was not seeking monetary compensation and will not receive any.The Prime Minister has written to them both to apologise.Mr Wright said the Government had reached a “full and final settlement” with the pair, who had taken the government, Sir Mark Allen, the former head of counter KnockOff Handbags terrorism at MI6 and former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to court.Mr Wright said that Prime Minister Theresa May has written to Mr Belhaj and his wife to apologise for their “appalling” treatment.But as part of the settlement, neither Sir Mark nor Mr Straw admitted liability.Mr Wright explained the outcome Replica Bags of the settlement to the Commons. He said: “First: No admissions of liability have been made by any of the defendants in settling these claims.”Secondly: The claimants have now withdrawn their claims against all the defendants.”Thirdly: The government has agreed to cheap replica handbags pay Mrs Bouchard Mr Belhaj did not seek and has not been given any compensation.”Finally: I have met Mr Belhaj and Mrs Bouchard, indeed Mrs Bouchard is present in the gallery to hear this statement. 7a replica bags wholesale

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