” With regard to the law breaking which O’Reilly thinks is no

Bill O’Reilly Insults Media Reporter Who Dared To Criticize Him

cheap jordans 6.5 America’s Daddy has very thin skin in other words, he can give it; but he just can’t cheap air jordan take it. Whenever anyone critiques him, he accuses them of being “far left loons” or whatever insult comes to his rather large and overinflated cheap jordans from china cranium (usually using “liberal”/”loon” or a derivation thereof!). David Zurawik noted that Giles and O’Keefe’s appearances on Hannity and O’Reilly were a “pity party and fund raiser for the legal defense.” He added one of the remarks that O’Reilly took umbrage to: “Only on the cube sided Bizarro Planet are O’Keefe and Giles champions of the cheap jordan sneakers First Amendment.” So rather than addressing the issues that Zurawik discussed which included a not so auspicious moment for the Cheap jordans newest member of the Fox team, John Stossel O’Reilly did cheap jordans free shipping what he cheap nike shoes usually does when he’s bested and that is throw out baseless insults. Poor Bill, he was dissed. cheap jordans for sale Somebody call me a whambulance! cheap jordans 6.5

cheap air jordans for youth In remarking about the newest Fox News heroes who are up to their eyeballs in “this highly politicized pile of mud,” Zurawik explained that “I was subpoened as a witness in a case that featured John Stossel charged with a felony for allegedly doing what O’Keefe and Giles admitted doing taping without consent. Ironically, I wound up being threatened with jail cheap jordans china for declining to testify.” cheap air force Zurowik also responded to the Brietbart/Drudge/Fox Nexus which has cheap jordans shoes accused the mainstream media of not engaging in the same “gotcha” “journalism” practiced by the dynamic cheap jordans on sale duo: “no responsible news operation allows the kind of entrapment they practiced.” With regard to the law breaking which O’Reilly thinks is no big deal, Zurowik said that “responsible journalists know the laws, and cheap adidas rarely cheap jordans in china if ever do they break the laws to get a story.” cheap air jordans for youth

cheap jordans size 6y So it appears that Zurowik’s points were well taken except by Bill O’Reilly who in claimed that “far left TV critic David Zurowik” (that old “far left” thing is really getting tired) “is angry that the people who exposed ACORN in the undercover sting are not being punished.” How Bill deduces that Zurowik is angry is beyond me, but Bill does play a psychiatrist on TV. So in a riposte worthy of a third grader saying “I know you are; but what am I,” or referring to his critic as a poopy pants, Bill said that Zurawik was “entitled to his opinion; but his cheap jordans www.mcjordanshoes.com sale opinion is almost always from bizarro planet; so his reference is germane.” (Huh?) Naturally, Bill didn’t provide us with any examples; but when Bill speaks “ex cathedra,” he’s infallible and don’t you freaking forget it. Bill, who can be a bit of a drama queen, sighed and said, “I Am Exhausted by these Ideologues Masquerading as TV Critics.” cheap jordans size 6y

cheap jordans size 8 Bill has a lot of nerve accusing anyone of being from bizarro planet especially after “the dangers of “clustered” gays, dangerous lesbian gangs, and non existent French magazines to name cheap yeezys only a small sample of Bill’s bizarro world. But I have to give him credit for using a short cheap jordans online segment for maximum insult. Hey Bill, man up and invite Zurowik on your show for some real “fair and balanced.” But I can sympathize with Bill cheap Air max shoes because I’m exhausted by Fox ideologues masquerading as “journalists.” cheap jordans size 8.

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