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canada goose outlet Ward said he offered them water, which they accepted, and food, which they turned down.I agree we can’t have everybody moving into the country. It’s just hard when they end up on your boatsaid, you must be hungry. Whether they were too polite to accept it I think might have been the case, Ward added.Ward said he felt he had no choice but to report them to police, but decided to break the news to the migrants gently. canada goose outlet

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canada goose outlet nyc Feel for her family. I feel for her two kids, her husband, the community that they lived in, an emotional Needum told reporters. Can imagine what they going through. Like his father in law, Kushner pushed a mid sized real estate company into the high stakes battlefield of Manhattan. Though he is often viewed as more moderate than Trump, people close to him say he fully bought into the Trump campaign’s fiery populist message that resonated with white, working class voters. He canada goose outlet miami never publicly distanced himself from Trump’s more provocative stances, including the candidate’s call for a Muslim immigration canada goose outlet in uk ban and his doubts about President Barack Obama’s birthplace.. canada goose outlet nyc

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