He said he surrendered when he found no signs of children

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Just recently, soccer fans in the Democratic Republic of Congo

‘Witch’ Burnings Haunt Kenyan Tribe

In much of Africa, people believe in some form of witchcraft. Just recently, soccer fans in the Democratic Republic of Congo accused a player of canada goose black friday sale using black magic at a game. Canada Goose Outlet The ensuing riot killed more than a dozen Canada Goose Parka people.

In canada goose factory sale Tanzania canada goose clearance and Ghana, belief in the magical powers of albinos and hunchbacks has reportedly led to a rash of killings this year.

In May, 11 people died in a “witch” burning in southwestern Kenya, but questions linger over whether neighbors in canada goose uk shop that Canada Goose Online particular region of Kenya believed buy canada goose jacket cheap the people killed were witches.

The burning took place cheap Canada Goose in a farming area in the lush Canada Goose online southwestern reaches canadagoosejackets7v of the country, dominated by the Kisii tribe. News of the incident made uk canada goose headlines in Kenya, but there was little surprise among the canada goose uk black friday general Canada Goose sale public.

That’s because Kisiis are known to believe more fervently in the power of witchcraft than any other tribe in the land. And among the Kisiis, reprisals against witchcraft reportedly are getting more and more violent. The notebook reportedly listed Canada Goose Coats On Sale the names of local witches canada goose outlet store locations and the minutes of their meetings. Over a two day period, a mob cut down 11 mostly retired and elderly people canada goose store and burned their homes to cinders.

Enoch Obiero, a Pentecostal minister, cheap canada goose uk says the mob came to his door and dismembered his wife, a retired schoolteacher. canada goose uk outlet He claims that jealous relatives paid the killers.

“They didn’t even come to the funeral,” Obiero said.

It canada goose is rare for people canada goose coats on sale in this insular farming community to testify against one another, for fear of revenge attacks. Instead, many protect themselves by visiting witch doctors like Onyango Nyakundi.

No Such Thing As A Good Witch

For 40 years, Nyakundi has been using herbs and a little bloodletting to shield his customers from being bewitched. And for about $20 a visit, he says he can cure anything from a headache to cancer.

“The person who does not canadian goose jacket believe in that is just living a life in denial,” Nyakundi said. He added canada goose coats that people cry buy canada goose jacket “witch” for any number canada goose clearance sale of reasons. Sometimes, they really believe that a witch is in their midst. But sometimes, he says, accusations are made to settle petty scores.

To understand what happened in May, it uk canada goose outlet is vital to understand a core value in the Kisii region and among many believers in black magic: They say Canada Goose Jackets there is no such thing as a good witch.

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Even if a person is so bad that they are being abusive toward

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