Andrea did an excellent job of using his length and not

Raps OK with Casey’s choice

cheap nike and jordan shoes A day later, Dwane cheap jordans online Casey seemed maybe a little less certain of his decision to go with the old hand over the hot hand, but there was no debate on the matter within the player ranks. cheap nike and jordan shoes

real cheap jordans websites Even Ed Davis, the one who held that hot hand and was passed over for the final 4 1/2 minutes of regulation time cheap jordan sneakers and both overtime periods to allow the old hand (Andrea Bargnani) to finish out the game despite one of the worst shooting performances of his career, would not fault his coach choice in a 111 106 double overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs. real cheap jordans websites

cheap real jordans for sale Andrea struggled (on Sunday), Davis, himself coming off a 15 point, 14 rebounds afternoon said. he and DeMar (DeRozan) are arguably our best players or the guys we need to cheap jordans free shipping finish games. You always have to ride cheap jordans sale with your stars and that what (our coach) cheap air jordan did. Andrea is never going to shoot 2 for 19 again. I think it was a good thing just to know that coach Casey has that trust cheap jordans from china in him. for his own part, Davis said just as Bargnani role as scorer and potential game closer is obvious, so too is his own, and he fine with that. cheap real jordans for sale

cheap real jordans for sale free shipping know my role, Davis said. being a spark off the bench and just helping the team. wasn the only player backing Casey decision to go with Bargnani. Both DeRozan and Kyle Lowry lauded their head coach for showing the kind of trust a professional needs from his head coach in order to perform at such a high level. cheap real jordans for sale free shipping

cheap jordans 11 for sale Casey, while hinting at a little inner conflict over the decision, made it clear the decision was made both for the threat of what Cheap jordans Bargnani is capable of doing, but just as importantly what he was doing at the other end of the floor. cheap jordans 11 for sale

buy cheap air jordans online is our guy and I going to go with him just as I would with DeMar or Kyle Lowry or Jose (Calderon) or some of our leading scorers, Casey said. a one possession game where you do need scoring, I trust Andrea and it should mean we believe in him. as for the defence? buy cheap air jordans online

cheap jordans china wholesale he hadn been defending Duncan cheap Air max shoes the way he had our best defender he had length on him, it bothered him to a certain extent. (Jonas Valanciunas) is learning cheap adidas to guard that position but Duncan has too many tricks for cheap jordans on sale a rookie. Andrea did an excellent job of using his length and not getting tricked in the post in guarding Duncan. ahead to Tuesday night matchup in Houston, the Raptors defence is going to be cheap air force challenged as the Rockets currently sit as the fourth highest scoring team in the Association. cheap jordans china wholesale

cheap air jordans china The test couldn come at a better time for the Raptors, who finally are starting to show signs of that defensive identity they forged a year ago and seemed to lose earlier this season. cheap air jordans china

cheap jordan 1 the past five games we have gone from 24th or whatever in the league defensively in field goal percentage cheap yeezys to sixth, and to No. 3 from, I think, 29th or 30th in defending the three, Casey said. our defence is improving, but we have to turn the page and learn how to close out games when we have the advantage. the two inbounds plays the Raptors botched on Sunday, one that was stolen and another which resulted in a five second violation, Casey pointed to those as must make plays that can be allowed to be turnovers. cheap jordan 1

cheap jordans 4 u have to know that they will try and bust through screens on those, Casey said. have to pay more attention to detail. Make solid screens and not let that guy get through that screen. said the defensive improvements are a matter of his players reacting instinctively now cheap nike shoes that they have a firmer grasp of their roles. cheap jordans 4 u

cheap michael jordan shoes are in their positions, better and quicker than they have been, he said. cheap jordans shoes are anticipating better. Before they were thinking I go over here and guard this situation? Now it more reactive than thinking the defensive end of the game. James (Fear the Beard) Harden and Jeremy Lin waiting for the Raps in cheap jordans for sale Houston, that is cheap jordans in china far more critical than going with the tried and true or the hot and producing. cheap michael jordan shoes

cheap retro jordans mens ED DAVIS IS HEATING UP cheap retro jordans mens

cheap jordans under 20 dollars In the past two games cheap jordan sneakers Davis is providing the kind of boost the Raptors need from their bench guys. Davis this season has been a forgotten man at times but that seems to be changing. Here a look at those two games and the three that preceded them cheap jordans under 20 dollars.

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