Zach’s Comp Sci Class

My son Zachary has been taking his first “official” computer science class this year. They have been working with a number of 3D modeling tools and other graphics packages to create assets. He has also really used and mastered Apple’s Garage Band Tool for creating and syncing audio tracks.
d30 2480 300x198 Zachs Comp Sci Class

The latest programming they have been doing is in Adobe Flash (Action Script).

The other night at the local Apple Computer Store in Walnut Creek, his teacher, Mrs. MacDonald, had all of the students present their programs up on a big screen in front of all the parents. It was a really nice venue for the event and Apple gave the young programmers free T-shirts. It was really cool to geek out with the kids.

d30 2485 300x198 Zachs Comp Sci Class
d30 2481 199x300 Zachs Comp Sci Class
Zach authored and demonstrated several of his projects including an Animated Escalade car (like his mother’s real one HA) and a game that he built called Duck Shoot.

Family Debt

Its been a while since I have posted to my blog.  I am thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Just like the Obama’s after a few months of very trying times for our family it was high time to pay off that HUGE family debt…

Welcome to the family! Lily is our new dog!

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We all love her!

Oh sh*t! I have a teen once again!

I was reminded again this weekend that I have a kid growing into a teen. We took Olivia to her Jonas Brothers concert in Hershey, PA.

jonasbrothers 300x300 Oh sh*t! I have a teen once again!

Funny thing was that Miley Cyrus appeared on the Today Show on Friday 7/25 just outside the window where I work. Had she not wanted to get up that early on her summer break, she would have wanted to go to that as well. I had forgotten what it was like to have teens in the house.

End of another school year

Friday marked another school year in the books for my kids.  Olivia finished up 7th grade at Liberty Middle School and will attend next year as an 8th grader.  Zachary finished up as a 6th grader and will attend Liberty Middle school with his sister next year as a 7th grader.

2601907402 7651c42d4c End of another school year

We celebrated the passing of another year with a ritual we have done for several years now — a bonfire party for all the kids to burn their homework.  It has become quite a tradition with a large bonfire a barbeque, fireworks and of course boxes and boxes of old homework.

Have to love nintendo wii

It’s amazing that Nintendo Wii has done what they have with clearly a lesser technical platform (compared to XBOX and Playstation 3). They continue to innovate with superior interaction with the release of Mario Kart for Wii.

The kids and I bought this new game on Saturday and spent a good deal of the weekend playing it with them. We had a blast!

wii fit Have to love nintendo wii

It uses a steering wheel that embeds the Wii remote control into it. You hold the steering wheel in mid-air turning it to play the game. It is a very immersing experience to drive the carts or motorcycles in the game. Although the graphics are clearly not as good (since they are standard definition compared to the high definition capabilities of the XBOX or PS3) I still really enjoyed the feeling of competing and playing in that way with “real” people.

My wife, Phyllis, and I are both looking very foward to the Wii Fit title that comes out on May 21.

Kidd’s Contract Dispute

jason kidd 2thumbnail Kidd’s Contract Dispute

njn Kidd’s Contract Dispute

Jason Kidd is my favorite player in the NBA and I was disappointed to read today that the Nets refuse to deal with him fairly. It is so sad to see a dispute like this force a great player to these lengths (sitting out with a fake Migraine headache reportedly).

Why can’t Rod Thorn (the owner of the NETS) just sit down and deal with Jason fairly? He’s a great player and all he wants to do is win. Just sit down at the bargaining table and negotiate with him to retain and hire a great supporting cast or trade him and forget about it and rebuild!

Why would Rod Thorn and the NETS organization seem to think that they can hold somebody like a slave. What makes employers like this think that this is a playable hand? One word — “lawyers”. Its bad advice but I think lawyers drive much of this kind of thinking.

My advice to Rod is to play the players hand and the fans hand (a so-called WIN WIN). Nobody is going to stay on the team without Jason. Nobody is going to watch a team without Jason. Period!