Our 2007 Oxygen Halloween Party

1973303384 2128c80c2e m Our 2007 Oxygen Halloween Party

Here’s our photos and video clips from the 2007 Oxygen Halloween Party that Phyllis and I hosted on October 26, 2007. It was great fun!

Here’s a link to the whole photo set on Flickr.com and a link to the slide show format. Please send me links to any of your photo sets from the party and I will list them here as well.
This video is on Youtube.com and is part of our traditional Karaoke contest. This one is Chiara, Jeanhee, Phyllis and Kathie.

This one is Meredith, Lissy, Zach, Olivia and Samantha

Should I Pace My Lifestyle to Games of Chance?

I really like games of chance. I enjoy playing card games like Texas Hold’em with my wife Phyllis and my good friends Ilio and Keith. On occassion, I even enjoy going to a big time casino like in Atlantic City or Las Vegas and shooting some Craps or playing a little Black Jack. I play the lottery at home and with my good friend and colleague David M.

gamesochance 300x209 Should I Pace My Lifestyle to Games of Chance?

In all these games, I would of course love to win but I don’t expect to win. I don’t plan my budget around winning. I don’t pace my lifestyle like I am going to win. Why not?

It’s because of course none of these games of chance are predictable at all. I also am not an expert at any of these games either making it even less likely that I would plan or pace my life around doing such games. That would be absolutely insane.

How do I pace and plan my life? I do it just about like everybody else. I have a plan that I think is reasonable. I follow the plan based on my skills and needs and what I think is truly attainable. Of course there are set backs and I adjust as needed in an agile way.

Nintendo really gets it…Sponsor your own hack / crack event!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to take my son Zachary and his best friend Michael to a really cool event. Nintendo and ToysRus had teamed up to do a nationwide Pokemon meet up event.manaphy Nintendo really gets it…Sponsor your own hack / crack event!

The idea was that kids come to the store armed with their Nintendo DS devices. When we arrived there were probably 200 kids in the store with their DS’s and pokemon games running. You walked up to counter and each kid was quickly given two sealed character cards with a special code attached. This code talked to a local wifi server they had staged in the store and allowed the kids to download two new super charged characters — Manaphy and Electivire.

electivire Nintendo really gets it…Sponsor your own hack / crack event!So what was in it for both companies? For ToysRus obviously the hope is that you are in the store and buy more product (and indeed we did). For Nintendo obviously they can sell more product too but there were other beneficial behaviors that I observed.

Kids of all ages (6 to 18) were interacting not only with their new characters but several were making deals and exchanging other characters from their devices over the wifi connections in the store. Of course there were also many discussions about specific game strategy and tactics. Many of the kids were discussing how the DS system interfaced with their Wii systems at home and uploading and syncing characters on their devices to the home systems.

Overall the event felt like a bricks and mortar viral event that was truly authentic!

Zane my new grandson is born

My first and only grandson — Zane was born this weekend on September 1. I wish I could share pictures with all of you but i haven’t got any yet (come on I need my Flickr uploads).

zane 300x206 Zane my new grandson is born


So as a place marker I thought I’d load up my Ript page about the baby name Zane from babynamer.com. Allison and Skip (Zane’s parents) had quite a time choosing my grandson’s name but I am very happy with their choice. I definitely wasn’t crazy about their second choice Tyson.

Zane originates from the great heritage of the name John which means God’s grace.

The other vitals. Zane is huge — nine and a half pounds and 22 inches long. Mother and grandson are doing great. Pictures to come soon.

Our First Mets Game

We went to our first Mets game on Friday 8/24/07. I have to say that it was a fantastic game as the played the Los Angeles Dodgers (orginally from Brooklyn). It was a win! Carlos, I know you are loving this!

mets logo 300x156 Our First Mets Game


We sat in the Bear Stearns box seats right next to third base and had a great view. My daughter is a huge fan of David Wright while my son is a fan of Jose Reyes. Both kids got what they wanted which was a very close up view of their favorite player. It was such a great family experience compared to Yankee Stadium which we visited last year. I have to admit it.

Even though most of my family are still Seattle Mariner fans, I have to admit I am still a tried and true fan of Yankee baseball. I hope my team can make the playoffs this year. I will keep my fingers crossed.

judykat hits Lake Couer D’Alene

823337740 670342630b m judykat hits Lake Couer D’AleneOur good friends from New York (and Seattle) Ken, Kathie and Mia visited us at Lake Couer D’Alene on their way to Montana.

It was great to see all them. We had a great dinner with all of them (including Ken’s mom and my mom and dad).

Phyllis and Kathie got some time on the wet bike while the kids, Ken and his mom got some serious dock time. We even enjoyed a few refreshing ice cold Moose Drool’s.
822458679 ebc998c614 m judykat hits Lake Couer D’Alene
Ken updated me on all the happenings at work as the following Sunday I had to fly back to New York City. It sounds like there are many changes in the wind at Oxygen. It should be interesting to see what happens there.
822465501 a9adeab6db m judykat hits Lake Couer D’Alene
After a great evening, Ken and his family drove back into the city of Spokane for a nice stay at the Davenport Hotel. Maybe next year we can visit them in the great northwest for a longer period of time.

It’s Hot on the Lake

823328228 119ac1023a m It’s Hot on the Lake

Wow temperatures hit 100 degrees at least three days in a row here on Lake Couer D’Alene. As they say “beautiful dry hot” but at 100 degrees it’s just plain hot.

We are loving the lake. The lake water has warmed up to at least 70 degrees I would bet. The water is fantastic. If you are out of it for even 30 minutes on the dock its time to jump right back in.823306098 e040893c4d m It’s Hot on the Lake

Zachary has been catching a ton of fish this week and not just suckers and bottom feeders. Some of them our Rainbow Trout and Fresh Water Bass.

I love these long days on the lake with nothing that has to be planned, executed or completed (can if you want but its totally optional:). This is my kind of vacation!823287140 57e9a3e641 m It’s Hot on the Lake

Vashon Island reminded me once again that “big” is relative

On our way back from Portland to Lake Couer D’Alene, we were invited to visit some of our dear friends on Vashon Island.

 762070104 6ab2f1eccb m Vashon Island reminded me once again that “big” is relative 

762370208 5439b0406a m Vashon Island reminded me once again that “big” is relative

762504664 ef0305c220 m Vashon Island reminded me once again that “big” is relative

It was a beautiful day as we drove from Portland up Interstate 5 toward Seattle. Peter had provided us with directions to his home on Vashon Island from the Point Defiance Ferry in Tacoma. As we were waiting for the ferry I took a few candid photos of the kids. From the dock there was a tremendous view of Mount Rainier.

When I lived in Seattle for many years Mount Rainier was a back drop that was so ordinary that one almost just forgot it (not to mention Mt. Baker, Mt. St. Helens, etc.). Since moving to the east coast I have seen many of the great mountains and ranges — Catskills, Poconos, Appalachians — but there is truly no comparison.

“Big” is really relative to what your used to whether it be mountains, money or ideas (really anything at all).

We had a great time at Peter’s estate on Vashon, walking, swimming, playing bocce ball, volleyball and a myriad of other activities. The compound is really beautiful and is great for entertaining. Peter as usual was an unbelievable host! Thanks.

He invited us back for another visit in the fall which we will consider. It would be great to see the whole family since Jill and kids were away on summer activities this time.

On Golden Pond

We took our annual family trip to my parents cabin on Lake Couer D’Alene. We had a great time because my mom and dad as well as my sister Tami and her three daughters (Nyssa, Sydnee and Jynsyn) were able to join us for the first week. My daughter Olivia also brought along her best friend from New Jersey, Meredith.

726329339 045ad09d8f m On Golden Pond 

727220794 505ef46afd m On Golden Pond

726363837 44cb7ee10f m On Golden Pond

Our first week this year occurred during the 4th of July holiday which happened on a Wednesday. The bay that we are on — Windy Bay always features a small fireworks show on July 3rd over the lake. We went and watched that this year and it was short but we had a great close up viewing area.

My son Zachary caught a ton of fish this year. Actually really all the kids were catching many fish. It took my sister Tami, me and Phyllis to keep all their hooks baited up with fresh worms (none of them will bait their own hooks). I was impressed with how the fish population has obviously grown on the lake. When I was a kid you could sit out there on the dock all day and not even get a bite. My dad can attest to this because he sat there with me too for hours.

The kids also had great fun being pulled on tubes behind both the Seadoo and the boat. Meredith even though she was a little scared even made her first ride and I think enjoyed it.