My Kind of Bipartisanship

I love to see this story on the new so called Bipartisan Stimulus Package.

WASHINGTON – Financial institutions that received federal bailout money and paid large executive bonuses would be required to compensate taxpayers under the economic stimulus bill approved by the Senate.

The $838 billion measure includes an amendment penalizing companies that paid bonuses greater than $100,000 to executives after receiving government rescue funds last year. The amendment would require the companies to repay within four months any portion of the bonus above $100,000 or face an excise tax of 35 percent on the portion of the bonus above $100,000.

The Senate approved the stimulus bill 61-37 on Tuesday, setting up negotiations with the House, which passed a slightly different version last week.

r3612002921 300x224 My Kind of Bipartisanship

From Yahoo

This is more the kind of work we need on these Wall Street rascals.  I say get all the money back that you can and make them pay through the nose!

My Sundays and Meet the Press

 I used to watch NBC’s Meet the Press religiously on Sunday morning largely because of Tim Russert. It has now been over a week since his death and I watched Brian Williams do the show this morning.  It really won’t quite be the same with Tim gone.  While Williams is a great journalist and a superb anchor, he just doesn’t quite bring the same flare to the program that Tim did.

meet the press 440x230 300x156 My Sundays and Meet the Press

I think one of the things that Tim and I shared was our love of sports and politics.  Part of the reason I love both (sports and politics) so much is that consequences and outcomes are “real”.  Everybody has something at stake. Everybody has “skin in the game”. It’s real.

I think it is this quality that Tim so frequently brought out in his guests and his co-hosts over the years.  I will truly miss him and his broadcasts.

Kidd’s Contract Dispute

jason kidd 2thumbnail Kidd’s Contract Dispute

njn Kidd’s Contract Dispute

Jason Kidd is my favorite player in the NBA and I was disappointed to read today that the Nets refuse to deal with him fairly. It is so sad to see a dispute like this force a great player to these lengths (sitting out with a fake Migraine headache reportedly).

Why can’t Rod Thorn (the owner of the NETS) just sit down and deal with Jason fairly? He’s a great player and all he wants to do is win. Just sit down at the bargaining table and negotiate with him to retain and hire a great supporting cast or trade him and forget about it and rebuild!

Why would Rod Thorn and the NETS organization seem to think that they can hold somebody like a slave. What makes employers like this think that this is a playable hand? One word — “lawyers”. Its bad advice but I think lawyers drive much of this kind of thinking.

My advice to Rod is to play the players hand and the fans hand (a so-called WIN WIN). Nobody is going to stay on the team without Jason. Nobody is going to watch a team without Jason. Period!

It’s All About the People Stupid

I remember watching a talk news show after Bill Clinton defeated the first George Bush in 1992. It was James Carville a political pundit announcing to the media why George Bush had lost the 1992 election so badly to Bill Clinton. He said “It’s the economy stupid”.

That quote sticks with me on the eve of our team’s launch of a great new purposeful and playful product that they have developed — Ript™.

As with any great product, there have been several things that make it special — the idea, our product owner, the process, etc. The most important to me though is the Team.

team 245x300 It’s All About the People Stupid

Not at my present company but at some places I have been that don’t grok technology I have had to remind execs of a similar idea to what James Carville said to the media in 1992 — that is — “It’s All About the People Stupid”. This would seem obvious but to some its not.

I have found throughout my career in technology that it is one of the core truths about Software Development and Information Technology. It is truly all about the people.

Please check out my team members blogs listed here because they have some great stories to tell about this fantastic new product.